Branding and Marketing for Artists

branding and marketing strategies for artists and creatives

KAMIA|PULAN offers marketing and branding strategies for emerging artists and creatives in the Charlotte, North Carolina region.

Choose from a variety of customized strategy sessions developed to suit your needs as a artist or creative business:

Brand Strategies 

Brand Strategy sessions cover the importance of treating your art as a brand. You will be provided the tools to:

Create a vision that leads to a clarified business plan

Develop a marketing plan that identifies platforms, target audience and more

Creating and styling your brand aesthetic, including coloring, photography, fonts and logo

Develop a relationship with customers, both current and potential through content and engagement

Digital (Social Media) Marketing

Posting pictures of your art or product on social media doesn’t cut it. In this customized session you will learn:

How to select the appropriate social media platform for what you are trying to sell or share

The lingos and importance of geotagging, hashtagging, etc

How to take photos with your phone that are bright, clear and colorful

Content Marketing: What you write matters!

Engagement: The key to growing followers and creating a community

Website Setup and Design

Website Setup and Design is a how-to course on selecting and setting up the appropriate webhost and domain. You will learn about SEO (search engine optimization), visual design, and what you will need to create an informative website that represents your message and brand.

Community Development Resources and Solutions

Learn to get your message and brand out to your local community while engaging with others. If you’re not sure where to start, how to get engaged, or if you’re ready to take the next step and become a Community Art Pioneer* by developing your own community art project, we can provide you with a list of resources-no matter your location-as well as the tools on how to get more involved with the public.

*The Community Art Pioneer (CAP) Program is subject to an application and acceptance process.

Group Workshops

A two-hour group workshop called Social Media and the Artist: Showing up for your Art is offered to groups of 10 or more. Social Media and the Artist: Showing up for your Art is a marketing workshop that covers introductory topics on appropriate social media platforms for your message and brand, content marketing, visual representation, content editing and engagement.

Please contact Brooke Gibbons for rates.