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Thank you for your interest in KAMIA|PULAN!


KAMIA|PULAN is a cultural and creative studio that offers a variety of services to enhance the development of artists and creatives.


KAMIA|PULAN strives to be inclusive of all populations by empowering each individual’s unique culture, ability and creative interests. In doing so we can assist our clients in developing their own distinct creative practice, brand strategy, and digital marketing plan.



Corporate Creative Wellness Workshops

Creative breaks to enhance your workplace atmosphere, sessions can be 1-2 hours in length (morning or lunchtime workshops) or half or full day retreats on the following topics:

Creative Habits

Intuitive Painting

Art Journaling

Analog Collage

Combination (for retreats only)

On-Site Art Workshops

Creative Studio Sunday: A Monthly exploration into art journaling, collage, mixed-media, intuitive painting and more. This is only being offered in 2017 so join now!

Coming Fall 2017: Community Arts Pioneer Certificate Program. More details will be released this summer!

Online Workshops

*In Development*


Creative Practice and Art Coaching 

Mentoring sessions to develop your vision or idea and take action to see it become reality. Art Coaching is action-based, all art materials are included. Topics we cover include:


Building your art practice

Developing a regular creative habit

Enhancing your work to take it to the next level

Local networking and exhibit resources


Building on your child’s interests and talents

Adding new techniques to enhance their work

Developing a regular creative habit

Local networking and exhibit resources for children


Branding and Marketing for the Artist

Private and Group Coaching Sessions on the following topics:

Social Media and the Artist

Branding Strategies

Building a Website

Content Marketing

Community Engagement

Resource Help



Last Revised May 2017

I have been doing collage for as long as I can remember. Eventually I went beyond cutting and pasting and starting experimenting with mixed-media and what I refer to as “deconstruction”.  I enjoy the process of making art, living in the moment, and the Buddhist concept of impermanence. After I make what appears to be a finished product, I often times destroy it to make multiple pieces. I never miss what I had before, and I always embrace what is in front of me.

A word I use in my work is “topophilia” which means the love of place. You can see my love of place in just about everything I make. As someone who identifies as biracial and multicultural, I embrace the representation of personal geographies in my work. This philosophy of place wellness is something I absolutely cannot live without.

I also started taking pictures a few years ago to supplement the blog I was doing at the time. I love color and light and using nature and the seasons as a backdrop.

Art journaling combines all that I love and am passionate about, while providing a therapeutic outlet to express myself creatively and personally. I use vintage ephemera (collecting and selling vintage papergoods is also something I do!) in all my journals. In art journaling I am able to combine collage, mixed-media and deconstructive techniques with history, culture and community.

I continue to work on growing my portfolio with my large collection of ephemera, a sort of creative preservation. I am dedicated to teaching healing and process art through analog collage, art journaling, mixed-media painting and social justice/community art. I also continue to hold sessions and speaking engagements on my experiences with healing art, ephemeral joy and place wellness.

My art mantra which I emphasize to all my students is to:

1. Challenge yourself to work outside your comfort zone.

2. Embrace the unexpected.

3. Live in the moment—try not to overthink what you are creating.


Brooke Gibbons is an art educator and coach, as well as a brand strategist for emerging artists and creatives. She regularly holds group workshops and private sessions at the Charlotte Art League, a nonprofit art gallery and organization where she serves as Assistant Director and Chairs of Programming and Outreach.

Brooke was born in Guam and raised in El Paso, Texas along the U.S./Mexico border. The combination of Chamoru, Southwest, Borderland, and Military cultures played a major role in shaping her identity. She is an ENFJ, committed to helping others and making ideas become reality.


Kamia is one of the terms for “flower” in Chamoru (Chamorro), the native language of Guam. Pulan means “moon” in Chamoru.

Together, Kamia and Pulan represent the ability to be gentle and versatile like a flower, yet strong and guiding like the moon. Both the flower and the moon are ever changing yet consistent in their form, and both represent the light in the darkness.


In the Charlotte, North Carolina region

For the most up to date schedule of classes by Brooke, please visit meetup.com/hellourbanist

To apply for Marketing and Branding Strategy Sessions: Before contacting, please first select your session topic (Branding, Marketing, Website, Community, or Group) and include it in your email message. You may also choose to select more than one session after an email or phone consultation with Brooke (brooke@hellourbanist.com). Rates vary, please see the Strategies page for more information.

To apply for a Private Coaching Session: Please contact Brooke via email: brooke@hellourbanist.com Please note that interested parties must complete an application before proceeding with a session. Not all applications will be accepted. Due to high volume scheduling, your first session can be expected to take place within 2-3 weeks of your application being accepted. Rates start at $75 per session.

Corporate Creative Wellness and Private Group Events (Art Workshops): Please contact Brooke via email: brooke@hellourbanist.com for information on holding a corporate creative wellness workshops or group art event in your space. You can choose from Creative Practice, Intuitive Painting, Analog Collage, Introductory Mixed-Media, Art Journaling or create your own combination for a full or half-day retreat. Rates for private groups include a flat fee of $100 per hour (minimum two hours) plus $30 per person for group events. Please contact Brooke for special rates for Corporate Creative Wellness workshops.


Phone and E-mail Coaching: Please contact Brooke via email: brooke@hellourbanist.com to apply for remote art coaching. These hybrid sessions are conducted via phone and email over a minimum period of 6 months.