Art Coaching


Are you in a creative rut? Do you find yourself feeling inspired, but lacking the motivation to get started on a project? Perhaps you’ve already started something or have a favorite medium but don’t know how to continue, or what you can do to add more to your practice?

Art Coaching consists of ACTION-BASED private mentoring sessions where you and I discuss the following (while you create art!)…

-Your interests and talents: What do YOU want to do?

-Your creative blocks: What’s stopping you from moving forward?

-Methods to develop a regular creative practice: These techniques are tried-and-true and I recommend them to everyone to keep inspired, motivated, and moving forward in your creative work

-Supplies and techniques to improve your artwork: I’ll show you tips and materials on how to spruce up your work and make it look more professional.

-Creating outside the box: Of course we will do something that you haven’t done before but will only help you in your creative process!

These sessions are 2-hours in length and include all materials. I invite you to bring some of your in-progressed or finished work with you, along with questions!


Yes I do offer art coaching sessions for kids too! I will work with your child to develop their personal talents and interests and spark the art in them!


Art coaching sessions take place at the Charlotte Art League in Historic South End, Charlotte, North Carolina. Sessions are usually one time but can be extended to an additional follow-up session or on a continuing remote coaching basis.

Contact me to talk more and set something up!

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