Author: Brooke Gibbons

Camp Spark: A Half-Day Art Journaling Retreat

Let’s rip up paper and make stuff together! 🌟Camp Spark 🌟 is a half day retreat I’ll be holding on Sunday June 4 from 10am-2pm at The Charlotte Art League. Bring a journal or book with paper heavy enough to handle watercolor crayons, glue, and the depths of your weird imagination! We’ll be doing a ton of different prompts to get ourselves out of that creative funk and into the fire of ideas, exploration and artistic fearlessness! $25 and a fresh journal covers your end. I’ll provide all the supplies including vintage ephemera and mags, pretty paper and pens, watercolor things and most importantly: pastries to up our calorie intake, I mean energy!! RSVP is required so I can prep accordingly so visit to learn more and sign up! 😘😘

Upcoming Workshops

Creative Studio Sunday The 2nd Sunday of every month Join me at the Charlotte Art League on Sunday July 10 from 11am-2pm for yoga, meditation, writing and art journaling! The July theme is: Spirit of a Woman. Learn more here. The Imagination Brigade: An Analog Collage Workshop It’s time to use our imaginations to create some funky collage scenes! In this workshop we will be using old magazines to create surreal collage images. All supplies are included. Each person will create one 8×10 collage suitable for framing (or more if there’s time). I will supply each person with a handy pre-cut scrap pack full of vintage pieces to get you started. I will also have vintage magazines on hand for you to use. If you google image “analog collage” you will see the wide range of what can be created once you start snipping away and getting surreal! Cost: $10 Cash or CC/Debit only please What to bring: Nothing! All is included! Time: Saturday July 16, 10:30am-12:30pm RSVP here or email Coming Soon! DATES TBA …

Gallery Updates

I finally added some new works to my are my latest analog collages and journal pages. I finished my original collage art journal at the end of 2015 after SEVEN years of working on it. The new images added are from a new book so I will have to upload the last pages from the original book soon.

New Workshop: Creative Studio Sundays

YOGA + MEDITATION + WRITING + ART Hi Everyone! I am excited to be launching a new 2nd Sunday Series at the Charlotte Art League called “Creative Studio Sundays!” Along with the wonderful yoga and meditation instructor Tamara Jefferies, I will be hosting this program at the Charlotte Art League on the 2nd Sunday of every month. Here’s what is included: 11am-11:45am: Yoga and Meditation* 11:45am-12pm: Break/Set up tables 12pm-12:30: Discussion/Journaling prompts for the month’s theme** 12:30-2: Open Studio Art Journaling Notes: * I have been to Tamara’s yoga classes before and am so excited to have her be a part of this program. She offers gentle yoga that works for all ages, sizes, and abilities. She gives clear, simple instructions on how to get into a position and you are able to adjust the position based on your ability and comfort. I certainly lack flexibility in some poses, but have always felt welcome and comfortable in her classes. **Every month we will have a theme to work with. June’s theme is “Wander” After a …

Work in Progress

I need to apply the finishing touches (aka some gloss medium) to this mixed-media collage but I’m excited to start the first in a series of collage on magazine backing boards. This one has pieces from a 1970s Ms. Magazine, images from a 1960s children’s reading textbook, paper pieces from Flow Magazine‘s first Book for Paper Lovers, the awesome vintage LADIES stamp I picked up at Vintage Charlotte, and a paper towel that was dyed when I dipped it in watercolor-from-tubes and squished it out under a running faucet.

The Jade Buddha

In May, the kid and I had the honor of visiting the Jade Buddha at the Minh Dang Quang Monastery on its last day here in Charlotte. Known as the “Jade Buddha for Universal Peace” it is a travelling statue over 11 feet in length and weighing in at eight tons.  We had never been to this monastery in the Derita area of Charlotte before (another one of my favorite neighborhoods!)  so we enjoyed walking around the grounds and exploring this peaceful place. I was happy to see my child so happy and checking out not only the Jade Buddha, but all the permanent statues around the monastery.  It felt like the hottest day of the year up until that point, so we bought hats that I deemed magic because they instantly cooled us that moment we put them on. Even though we are usually very private about our beliefs, and normally just celebrate and honor our Buddhist practice at home, it felt like such a special day to be at a Buddhist monastery with my child. We talked to the …

Work + Play: Life in South End

The Charlotte Art League is in South End, one of my favorite Charlotte neighborhoods. We have the privilege of being in an area full of good food and art galleries, and we’re within walking distance to Uptown.  Our back door is a few steps from one of the lite rail stops, and we have walking trails around us, so everything is very convenient. I personally enjoy working across the street from the Common Market, so I can get a diet soda and/or mimosa any time I want. At one point South End was very industrial and now it has become gentrified, and there are apartments all around us. While I enjoy the revitalization in vibrancy from the neighborhood galleries and restaurants, I worry about the future of our own arts organization. We’re long-time renters in an old building, and honestly we can be sold (and torn down) at anytime. Our friend down the road, Price’s Chicken Coop is now dwarfed by mid-rise apartments on both sides, but its own little establishment still remains. My hope is that we, …