The Business of Art
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Strategies for the Artist

I am happy to announce that my Social Media and the Artist previously offered exclusively to Charlotte Art League members is now open to the public and has expanded to include both marketing AND branding strategies!

In these competitive, digital times, we have to admit that the older strategies of being a successful artist no longer cuts it. You can’t just assume your work is going to be discovered, or that you can just email a gallery your portfolio and let the magic unfold on its own.

Why doesn’t your work sell? Is it the gallery’s fault? Why aren’t your followers and sales growing online? Is it the digital platform’s fault? How come no one views your website? Is it the search engine’s fault? Why aren’t you getting more offers, grants, opportunities? Is it your community’s fault?

It’s time to admit: It’s not your community’s fault, the gallery’s fault, or social media’s fault: IT’S YOUR FAULT.

If you want your work to sell, if you want to gain more followers on social media, if you want your website to thrive, if you want to be a part of your local artistic community, then YOU need to own up and be proactive in your branding, marketing and community engagement plans. This is the phrase I use when I do these sessions: YOU NEED TO SHOW UP FOR YOUR ART.

I have worked with artists and creatives for many years and I see the same problems being encountered over and over: an unwillingness to take action and a stubbornness when it comes to having to admit change is inevitable.

Let’s get over these hurdles together and work towards your ultimate goals as an artist/creative. We can together no matter your location: Charlotte, NC or somewhere else. Learn more about the Strategy Sessions offered and contact me if you’re ready to get going (I promise I’m very nice and friendly in person)!

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