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48 Hours in New York: Part 1

washington square park nyu new york street summer

4th street basketball players court village new york summer   fortune teller zodiac astrology tarot village new york

turquoise bike village new york

village new york storefront restuarant

Last month on the weekend before I turned 32, I treated myself to a 48-hour excursion to New York City. While I’d been before, this was my first time going alone. My husband’s aunt and uncle were gracious enough (as always) to let me stay with them AND give me a key so I was able to come and go as I pleased.

I arrived on a Friday afternoon and left Sunday afternoon. After landing and spending some time with the fam, I hopped on the subway to head to my favorite stores in Midtown Manhattan. The minute I sat down on the 6, I reached into my bag for my phone-as all people do-and I realized I’d left it back at the apartment. I was frantic for a second because I thought there was no way I could manage finding my way around without it. Then I reminded myself it’s hard to get lost in Manhattan, especially in Midtown where it’s still on the grid system. My second thought was an ultimate 21st Century bummed out moment: I had no way to take pictures. How will the world know what an awesome time I had???

Friday afternoon was spent in Koreatown and Bryant Park. The Kinokuniya store got rich off me spending three hours and too much money there. I finally entered the New York Public Library, which was huge and confusing but I found the bathroom and the gift shop so that’s all that mattered. I successfully found Grand Central again and made my way back up to the Upper East Side, and I ended the evening eating a tasty burger with the fam at a restaurant I can’t remember.

On Saturday I melted my phone to my torso so as not to forget it and headed down to the Village. My mom’s cousin is the long-time manager of Elephant & Castle on Greenwich Ave and he was nice enough to take me on a walking tour of the area. We departed at Washington Square and I practically ran to The Strand, which also got rich off me spending three hours and too much money there. I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the Village before heading back to catch Trainwreck (I am capable of forgetting my phone, but not that AMC giftcard my mother-in-law gave us me for Christmas. New York City movie theatre prices are no joke).

Tune in for Part 2 when I get lost in Central Park.

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