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Bedroom Sanctuary

I created a sanctuary in our bedroom to encourage me to hang out in the room and keep it tidy. If I respect a space, then I won’t want to trash it with yesterday’s clothes. I managed to shove the husband’s old couch up against the window, and I brought it my little Buddhist meditation center-slash-Virgin Mary shrine (Oh sweet compromise that comes with the gift of marriage!). I will admit I haven’t meditated once in that corner, but I have sat on the couch a lot this summer and somehow burned through about a dozen mediocre summer reads.

I also cleared out the space under my side of the bed (Husband the Pack Rat could use a little help under his side) and it really is nice to look down and see a clutter-free zone. I do keep a stack of magazines next to the couch and a small tub of collage supplies and journals I’ll never finish, since I am a lady of leisure. Also, comfort clutter is different from regular clutter, I swear!

Pros of the Sanctuary: Aesthetically pleasing; helps keep me organized; helps prevent me from piling clothes all over the place (most of the time) and in turn—let’s be honest here—a clean room is a sexy room. Cleanliness helps the lovemaking, y’all, at least on my easily-distracted, busy-minded end. Gone are the days of me looking up and suddenly thinking: “I think I have time to do a load of laundry after this.”

Cons of the Sanctuary: I forget to dust; I’ve hit my foot on the couch several times; the couch was bought off the side of the road many years ago by my in-laws. A drug addict sold it to them for $5. This is a true story. That isn’t the con though. The con is: what if there’s mold and I can’t see the mold and the couch is slowly killing us?? If you’re just tuning in to my neuroses, I have a fear of being killed by mold or any other silent killer like gas leaks or common monoxide. Is there an at-home silent killer lab kit I can order off the World Wide Web? Please let me know.

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